A quick one for a devops engineer

This is a quick and easy question for a devops engineer.

What to do when the root partition is full

Arch Linux: The basic steps to do when the root partition is full

Caveat: Slice of interfaces as input parameter

How to use a slice of interfaces as an input argument for a function.

Mocking in Golang

How to mock in Go, a method call of an embedded struct.

From Python to Go: The set data type in Golang

How to use set data type in Go.

How to mock python imports

What happen if you want to write a unit test for a module without having installed the libraries used by the module ?

How to mock open file in Python

Using relative numbers in vim to improve vertical motion

How to improve the vertical motion speed in vim using relative numbers.

Creational design patterns: Abstract factory

What is the abstract factory design pattern ? Why should I care about this ? How to implement it in Python.

From Python to Go: Using generators in golang

How to write a generator in Go. Comparison with Python.